Chris Moreno is a rising star in the comics industry whose current project, Dracula Vs. King Arthur, makes its debut this year. Having cut his teeth on a two-year run on Tony DiGerolamo's The Travelers, Chris has gone on to provide illustrations for gaming companies like Burning Wheel, and Kenzer & Co. on their Hackmaster game products, in addition to covers for Knights of the Dinner Table magazine, as well as collaborations with artists like Mike Avon Oeming and Tommy Castillo. His work can be seen in this year's Comic Book Legal Defense Fund: Even More Fund Comics anthology, a 5-page story entitled Monkey in a Wagon Vs. Lemur on a Big Wheel, as well as the interior artwork for Tony DiGerolamo's Complete Mafia for d20 coming out later in the year. Up next is his creator-owned project, The Rot Pack, which will be debuting next year, and the film noir thriller, Anchorhead: The Devil's Town.

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